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Roof cleaning can improve the appearance of your home and extend the life of your roof. The best way to get rid of algae, sap, and dirt, is with a professional roof cleaning service. We use a safe, low-pressure system to remove stains on your roof, which will not harm your roof or your plants below.

Basically, the roof has only one function, to keep the inhabitants of the house warm and dry. In order for it to retain that function, it is important to maintain the roof by way of–among other things–a regular roof cleaning.

Wind and weather wear the roof, and moss and algae destroy its structure and expose it to frost injuries; a roof cleaning and a subsequent roof treatment will prevent this. Besides, your roof will look as new as it was when it was installed, and who would not want their home to look good?

In addition, roof maintenance can be of environmental importance; if your roof is made of asbestos, it will release fibers that are harmful to the environment. A roof renovation consisting of our low-pressure roof washing will prevent this.

Thus the advantages of a roof cleaning can be summarized as follows:

  • A durable roof that will yield an economic benefit as regards life increase.
  • A clean roof that will add aesthetics to your house and increase its value.
  • An environmentally sound roof, if you have an asbestos roof.

As you see, there are good reasons for choosing a roof cleaning instead of just letting things slide, and not only that you will avoid the construction mess and the expenses of laying a new roof.

If you have decided that your roof needs a roof cleaning, then we recommend that you have it done professionally. We have great experience and are able to guide you as to the best solution that will result in the longest life for your roof. We only use materials of high quality, giving the best results.

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