roof cleaning jacksonvilleIf you are looking for a top-notch roof cleaning Jacksonville company, you will need to find one that knows the value of the roof on your home.—And they will also need to know how to go about cleaning your roof correctly without causing damage. However, many companies around the Jacksonville, San Marco and Riverside areas can often clean your roof incorrectly causing damage that can cost big bucks to repair.

Your home is a huge investment obviously, and probably the biggest investment for most people. So when it comes to cleaning your roof, choosing a Jacksonville roof cleaning company should be extremely important.

Roof Cleaning Jacksonville: The Right Company

The right roof cleaning company will be one that has been around for a while and has experience. It will be a company who has great feedback, loyal customers and goes above and beyond to make sure the job is done right the first time.—And if by chance it’s not, well, they will have no problem being accountable and taking immediate steps to correct the problem.

Pressure Washing Alternatives is a Jacksonville roof cleaning company that has been around since 1999. Obviously after being in business for this long they have plenty of experience pressure washing and cleaning roofs. Customers also have great things to say about their company and have them back time and time again for their pressure washing and roof cleaning services.

Roof Cleaning Jacksonville: Pressure Washing Alternatives is 5 Stars

Michael cleaned our roof this morning, and the difference is amazing

roof cleaning jacksonville“Outstanding! When I found Michael Gibson’s Pressure Washing Alternatives business on Google I was intrigued by the concept of a “soft” pressure wash. His website explains in detail exactly what the method is and the type of biodegradable cleaning products he uses. After reading his business reviews, I didn’t hesitate to contact him.
Today, he soft washed my roof, entire house, two lanais and washed all the windows inside and out. He pays much attention to detail and goes the extra mile. The cost of his services is very reasonable for the high quality of work you receive. My house looks great and I will be calling PWA again!”

roof cleaning jacksonville“Michael did an awesome job on my home and was very informative and accurate. He was able to squeeze me into his schedule that same day to make sure my home was ready for some viewings. I will definitely be using Pressure Washing Alternatives in the future!”

roof cleaning jacksonville“Michael Gibson did an amazing job on my Grandmother’s home in Villages of San Jose. The Spanish style roof looked brand new and the driveway and stucco looked better than it has in years.”

Pressure Washing Alternatives Soft Cleaning Approach

The term “pressure washing” makes most people think of a powerful water stream.—And it is. If you use a traditional pressure washer on a roof, in some cases you can actually damage the roof. This is why Pressure Washing Alternatives uses a soft water cleaning method. They use a hose with a pressure that is no more stronger than that of a garden hose.

Pressure Washing Alternatives’ biggest weapon against mold, mildew and just the nasty black stuff on a roof is a biodegradable detergent. The detergent is sprayed onto your roof and loosens the ugly stuff which is then rinsed off. In one visit, Pressure Washing Alternatives will do as many treatments as needed to remove the black grime on your roof. Sometimes it’s even necessary to leave the biodegradable detergent on the roof to remove the grime.

What Causes the Black Stuff Anyway?

We’ve all seen the houses in Jacksonville where it appears that the owners just aren’t concerned with roof cleaning. Their roofs have dark black spots and streaks all over them.—And in short, they are just ugly. This is all caused my mold, mildew and fungus. Sounds pretty gross… And it is! (see, “Don’t Let it Rot“)

Not only is this stuff on the roof ugly and gross, it actually destroys roofs by rotting them away. In Jacksonville, Florida the weather provides the perfect environment for mold, mildew and fungus to thrive. And it can do just that on your roof.

Roof Cleaning Jacksonville: Protecting an Investment

The purpose of roof cleaning Jacksonville homeowners is that it protects your investment. If your roof is damaged from lack of care, or by using a traditional pressure washer, a new roofing job can cost thousands of dollars.

Most homeowners take care of their lawns, have regularly scheduled pest control visits, paint their houses when needed and make repairs as needed. Roof cleaning Jacksonville friends is just one more piece of the puzzle for keeping your home looking top-notch.

Roof Cleaning Jacksonville: A Curbside View

Another major point to consider is the impact a nasty roof might have on a potential buyer of your home. It can be hard enough selling a home, but if your home’s roof is covered in ugly grime or is literally rotting away, it can be even harder to sell. No matter if the inside of your home is beautiful or not, a potential buyer may not even make it into your home simply because they can’t get past your rotten roof.

What about Plants and Shrubbery during Cleaning?

During the cleaning of your roof, there is never any need to worry about the plants and shrubbery that are in your yard or flower beds . Before the guys at Pressure Washing Alternatives begin any kind of work, they make sure that your plants and shrubbery are covered with plastic tarps to avoid any kind of damage.

If you have any questions, are interested in a free price quote or you are ready to get started making your roof beautiful again, simply give us a call at 904-392-5588. We are looking forward to working with you soon.