Roof Cleaning in Jacksonville: Are you choosing the right company?

roof cleaning jacksonvilleIf you are looking for roof cleaning in Jacksonville, Florida, you don’t want to just choose any company obviously. There are several reasons I would like to give you on why you should hire Pressure Washing Alternatives to do your roof cleaning and pressure washing.

For one, we have experience. We have been in business since 1999. This means we have had plenty of time to master our craft. We don’t and won’t make the mistakes that more inexperienced companies might… or the couple of high school kids that you find on Craigslist.

Of course, two young people doing a small business on the side is great, but when it comes to your biggest investment, your home, you have to protect it. – And the best way to do that when it comes to quality roof cleaning is to again, hire a company with experience.

Also, when hiring a company for roof cleaning, you will want to consider the track record of that company. What are customers saying about them? In the digital age, a simple Google search can tell you everything you need to know about a company.

Basically, today companies can’t hide from bad customer service or doing bad work. Companies will always be held accountable these days on review websites and on social media. If you check us out online, you will see, customers are totally satisfied with our work after all of these years. Of course things are bound to happen at some point, it’s just part of business, but we always go out of our way to make things right with our customers. That’s a fact.

The biggest reason our Jacksonville roof cleaning company is so awesome is because of our roof cleaning technique. We don’t use extremely powerful, traditional pressure washers to clean roofs. We use a soft water pressure washing system that will not damage your roof.

Soft water pressure washing uses water pressure that is no stronger than that of a garden hose. The magic of the process is the use of a biodegradable detergent that loosens mold, mildew and grime and makes it all go away. This leaves your roof looking new again and free of green and brown streaks.

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