roof cleaning jacksonvilleAs you know, your home is probably your biggest investment. So taking care of your home would only make sense.

This means frequent care so that extensive repairs aren’t required later because of neglect. Other than keeping the yard looking nice, keeping the paint fresh and keeping the appliances up to date, roof cleaning should also be a very important part of maintaining your home’s value. – And usually this can be done with a little pressure washing. However, not just any pressure washing service will do.

Selecting the right pressure washing company in Jacksonville, Florida can mean the difference in a good looking roof that looks almost new, and a damaged roof. That’s because some roof cleaning companies use traditional pressure washing systems. These can be way too strong for a roof and literally damage the shingles on a roof, and damage can mean more money out of your pocket.

There is another safe way to go about roof cleaning, and that is with the use of soft water pressure washing. Not every Jacksonville roof cleaning company offers soft water roof cleaning, but we do.

Soft Water Pressure Washing for Roof Cleaning

Here’s how it works. Soft water pressure washing uses a pressure washing hose that is no stronger than that of a garden hose. Which is a lot different than a powerful traditional pressure washer that can blast roof shingles apart.

The magic in using a soft water pressure washer for roof cleaning however lies in the biodegradable detergent used along with the soft water pressure washer. The detergent, when applied to a roof, destroys fungus and mold getting rid of ugly brown and green streaks making a roof look fresh and new again.

So if you plan on having your roof cleaned safely so that you can protect your investment and avoid any risk of damaging your roof, you’ll definitely want to go with soft water pressure washing instead of a regular pressure washer.