Your roof probably does not need replaced, just low pressure cleaned!

Pressure Washing Alternative’s low pressure roof cleaning technique restores a roof that is streaked and blackened to a roof that looks new. We use a process similar to a touch-less car wash to remove ugly stains from roofs. We gently apply the correct percentages of cleaners, chemicals and detergents to do the roof cleaning and then, just rinse. Our roof cleaning process does not harm to the shingles at all.

The black stains that you see on the roof are usually not the result of the roof rotting. The stains are just common mold and bacteria. These organisms start appearing as small black patches on the roof but, after time, gravity pulls them downward and the patches blend together to form streaks. If left alone long enough these streaks of mold and bacteria will blend together and form a super colony covering the entire roof. We low pressure roof clean entire roofs the same way.

The results of a darkened or black roof are:

1. The attic is usually about 60 degrees hotter. A hotter attic means that the air conditioning is running more which significantly increases your utility bill.

2. As the mold and fungus grow their tiny roots will eventually penetrate the shingles and cause cracking. If they are not cleaned off, then you will need a new roof.

3. Your heating and air system intakes air from around the house. When mold and bacteria release spores into the air (as they often do) they are taken straight into the home or work place. This can directly cause respiratory problems.

The results of having us perform a low pressure clean of your roof are:

1. Cleaning a roof costs about 1/10 what a new roof costs.

2. A much lower utility bill will pay for the roof cleaning.

3. The roof will last much longer.

4. A healthy family.