pressure washing jacksonville flIf you are looking for pressure washing in the Jacksonville, San Marco, Riverside and St. Augustine areas, many people will just say oh find a company on Google or Craigslist (hopefully not many will say Craigslist), they are all the same! This couldn’t be any further from the truth. Not all pressure washing companies are the same… At all!—And this is for many reasons.

You have to consider things like, the equipment being used, the staff, and the experience of the company and the reputation of the company. All of these things are huge factors when trying to determine who you should hire to do the job of pressure washing your home.—Which is no doubt your biggest investment. Unless of course you own a yacht or something along those lines.

The Equipment
When it comes to equipment, not all equipment is the same.—And here’s why. A lot of companies use high-powered pressure washing equipment. This can wreak havoc on paint jobs and roof tops. This equipment can literally cause damage. Damage that you have to turn around and pay for someone else to come and repair.

Pressure Washing Alternatives doesn’t use high-powered pressure washing equipment. They use soft water pressure washing. This is a method of pressure washing that uses equipment that is no more powerful than a garden hose and a biodegradable detergent. So this method is very safe for your home and property… Maybe even the yacht!

The Staff
Next you want to consider the staff of the company that you hire. I don’t judge people, but you want to be careful about the kind of people you have at your home and around your family. It only makes sense right?

Experience is one of the biggest factors when it comes to pressure washing in Jacksonville and the surrounding areas. There are so many companies in the business, but do they all have the same amount of experience. Now, let’s be honest, there are some great companies here, but not all of them have the same amount of experience.—And as they say, “experience is the best teacher”. I would definitely agree.

All of the factors listed above help to form the reputation of the company. Without a good reputation in the local area, your company will go downhill in a hurry. Having said that, when hiring a company, do a simple Google search to see if the company is on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website. See what their rating is. Also check out Angie’s List and Google listings to see if they have ratings. If the company has low ratings, for whatever reason, move on to the next. It’s simply not worth taking a chance.

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