jax roof cleaningJax roof cleaning companies are plentiful, and rightfully so. The state of Florida as we all know can get rather warm and humid. We all love the sunny part, but as far as your roof is concerned, the humidity can lead to mold and mildew that can rot your roof. For these reasons, regular roof cleaning is very important if you want to avoid costly roofing repairs down the line.

Below are a few reasons why we feel that we are one of the best Jacksonville roof cleaning companies in town.

Jax Roof Cleaning Experience

We have been in business since 1999. So needless to say, we’ve seen everything you can imagine when it comes to roof cleaning. We’ve seen roofs that have been damaged by mold and mildew and roofs that have been damaged by improper cleaning methods.—And because of our experience, we know how to clean your roof safely without damaging it.

Other Roof Cleaning Methods Versus Ours

Some Jax roof cleaning companies use a standard pressure washer to clean roofs, especially if you hire someone off of Facebook. Standard pressure washers can damage roof tops because of the intense water pressure they put out. We don’t use standard pressure washers for our roof cleaning. We use a soft water pressure washing system which is totally safe and will never damage your roof.

Soft water pressure washing uses a hose that is no more powerful than that of a garden hose. When mixed with a biodegradable detergent, mold mildew, grime and the rest of the ugly stuff on your roof is gently removed. This in turn rids your roof of any discoloration.

Customer Service

We have built a great relationship with our customers over the years and our customer reviews show this. That’s because we care about our work and pay attention to detail.—And in the event there is ever a problem, no worries, we will handle it.

If you are have questions or are interested in a free quote or getting started cleaning your roof, please calls us at: 904.392.5588.