People You Don’t Want Doing Your Roof Cleaning

Roof cleaning can be handled by a number of people in the Jacksonville area.—But as you can imagine, not all Jacksonville roof cleaning services are going to be the same.—And roof cleaning isn’t just some easy thing that any ol’ person should be doing.

Below are the types of people you do not want to hire to do your roof cleaning. It may sound a little harsh, but paying for a damaged roof due to improper cleaning can be a “lot” harsh.

jacksonville roof cleaningJacksonville Roof Cleaning No-Nos!

Family Friends

Friends of the family are great to hang out with, celebrate the holidays with etc. However, any time they suggest helping you clean your roof with their brand new pressure washer or suggest that their niece, nephew or friend’s child pressure wash your roof for a few extra bucks, just say no. Most likely you will save yourself a headache, roof damage and a friendship.

Spring Breakers

You know how it goes. Heck, you probably used to do the same thing. – Go on spring break and want to do two things, be free to do whatever you want and make a little extra money. The problem is working at a regular job does not allow a person to work on their own terms, but a pressure washing gig for a few weeks can be the ultimate gig for those who want to work whenever they would like. Unfortunately, these folks aren’t the best people for a roof cleaning job. They obviously aren’t experienced and could easily damage your roof with a high-powered pressure washing machine.

Weekend Warriors

These are the people that have regular jobs, but are probably just looking to make a little extra money on the side. Like the other people mentioned above, they don’t know the ins and outs to pressure washing and they most likely aren’t licensed and insured.

Hiring Jacksonville Roof Cleaning Amateurs is Risky

Although you may help out a family friend, or a few college kids or help someone make some extra money on the side, hiring Jacksonville roof cleaning amateurs can ultimately lead to you spending more money via repairs and not actually saving money. Plus, there is no guarantee that your roof will cleaned correctly anyway.—My suggestion?—Always go with a professional roof cleaning company. Your chances of having any problems will decrease dramatically.