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Our exterior home cleaning simply cannot be beat. Using high pressure around windows is asking for problems. Everyone in the pressure washing business knows how easy it is to damage paint, stucco, wood, and coquina walls (just ask your contractor). The problem is pressure washing a house is good for business and many times bad for the homeowners. Leaky windows are sure sign that too much pressure has been used. We have a gentle approach to cleaning your exterior home. If you need pressure washing in Jacksonville Florida or the surrounding area, call us out for a free estimate! (904) 392-5588

pressure washing jacksonville

Roof cleaning is our specialty at Pressure Washing Alternatives. We have been cleaning roofs and pressure washing in Jacksonville Florida since 1999! Most people realize that pressure washing a roof is a very damaging, but many people still let some pressure washing companies do it anyway. At this company we spray our detergent on the roof and let it loosen and deteriorate the black mold with as many applications as it takes. Once we have the roof looking like it should we rinse it off so it looks brand new when it dries. In some cases the roof may not need to be rinsed or we leave the detergent on to keep working. This is especially helpful if a roof doesn’t get much sunlight. We always take all the measures to protect delicate plants and shrubs while we are working on your home. We use special plastic tarps to drape over vegetation whenever needed. Go ahead and call us out for a quote!