Should You Pressure Clean Your Roof?

Your roof probably does not need replaced, just low pressure cleaned!

Pressure Washing Alternative’s low pressure roof cleaning technique restores a roof that is streaked and blackened to a roof that looks new. We use a process similar to a touch-less car wash to remove ugly stains from roofs. We gently apply the correct percentages of […]

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Out to Make Some Extra Money with Roof Cleaning

It’s not uncommon that people will have side businesses like roof cleaning, especially these days. Sometimes people have to have two jobs just to pay for all of the bills.

There also may be kids who are out of school for the summer and are looking for ways to make some money in their time off.—That’s […]

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Our Jax Roof Cleaning Company Why We are Different

Jax roof cleaning companies are plentiful, and rightfully so. The state of Florida as we all know can get rather warm and humid. We all love the sunny part, but as far as your roof is concerned, the humidity can lead to mold and mildew that can rot your roof. For these reasons, regular roof […]

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Most everyone likes to save money, almost just as much as they like to make money. In some circumstances however saving money might not actually be the best thing. This can be the case when it comes to Jacksonville roof cleaning services and who you hire.
Roof Cleaning… Easy?
Roof cleaning… sounds easy enough right?—But is it? […]

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Jacksonville Roof Cleaning: Say No to These People…

People You Don’t Want Doing Your Roof Cleaning
Roof cleaning can be handled by a number of people in the Jacksonville area.—But as you can imagine, not all Jacksonville roof cleaning services are going to be the same.—And roof cleaning isn’t just some easy thing that any ol’ person should be doing.

Below are the types of […]

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Jacksonville Roof Cleaning: Consider This

Utilizing the skills of a Jacksonville roof cleaning company is an essential part of maintenance for any home. Without maintaining the roof of your home in Florida where the weather is hot and humid, it may rot and end up costing your thousands of dollars in repairs.

With Jacksonville roof cleaning companies, as with any other […]

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Roof Cleaning in Jacksonville: Why Choose Us

Roof Cleaning in Jacksonville: Are you choosing the right company?
If you are looking for roof cleaning in Jacksonville, Florida, you don’t want to just choose any company obviously. There are several reasons I would like to give you on why you should hire Pressure Washing Alternatives to do your roof cleaning and pressure washing.

For one, […]

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Roof Cleaning and Soft Water Pressure Washing

As you know, your home is probably your biggest investment. So taking care of your home would only make sense.

This means frequent care so that extensive repairs aren’t required later because of neglect. Other than keeping the yard looking nice, keeping the paint fresh and keeping the appliances up to date, roof cleaning should also […]

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Looking For Quality Pressure Washing Jacksonville Florida?

If you are looking for pressure washing in the Jacksonville, San Marco, Riverside and St. Augustine areas, many people will just say oh find a company on Google or Craigslist (hopefully not many will say Craigslist), they are all the same! This couldn’t be any further from the truth. Not all pressure washing companies are […]

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Pressure Washing: Don’t Let it Rot

You want to know what sucks? – A rotten roof that you have to repair. And even worse, if it could have been prevented with a little care.

If you live in the Jacksonville Florida area, you know just how bad the heat and moisture can be. This combination can lead to mildew and fungus getting […]

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