You may be thinking, what is Pressure Washing Alternatives? How are we any different than other pressure washing companies in Jacksonville Florida? How can someone clean the exterior of a home without using a pressure washer?

Well, the answer is simple.

We, at Pressure Washing Alternatives, use a variety of products and detergents that loosens the mildew on roof shingles, paint, stucco, soffets, vinyl siding, wood, and coquina so that only the suds and bugs need to be lightly rinsed off with no more than the pressure of a garden hose.

Instead of needlessly using high pressure, we apply a mildew buster over the hardscapes so it will rinse off more easily without damaging surfaces. Why? Because pressure washing driveways will strip off the top layer of concrete each time a floor scrubber is used! 

Did you know that pavers should not be pressure washed at all? We apply a fungicide to the pavers (always careful of the grass so we spray away from the grass) and let the mildew and grime break down so that it comes off without blasting out the sand that supports the pavers.

We use environmentally safe products like JoMax, dish soap, and Clorox to break up tough mildew stains so they dissolve and rinse away.

We have enjoyed doing roof cleaning and pressure washing in Jacksonville Fl, Ponte Vedra Fl, Fernadina Beach Fl, St Augustine Fl and Palm Coast Fl since 1999!

We are literally seasoned pros at exterior home cleaning.

If you are considering repainting your place, pressure washing is a necessity before any exterior paint job. Dirt, mildew and irrigation stains can cause your home or place of business to lose valuable curb appeal. A good pressure wash can make all the difference! Whether your home or business has vinyl siding, brick, stone, block, or wood. Most so called pressure washing companies just try to clean with pressure or psi (pounds per square inch). But really it’s the gpm (gallons per minute) that makes the difference, along with the proper cleaning products and chemicals.

Remember, don’t let an inexperienced company use a pressure washer on your house, because it will cause needless damage to the roof, paint, wood, stucco, and coquina.

The best part about using Pressure Washing Alternatives is that your cleaning will last longer than plain pressure washing because we are actually killing the spores that cause the mildew and grime to grow!

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